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Our Values

Our Values

Strong values are defining daily actions of our company since it was founded. These values are representing the guideline for all of our initiatives in the whole world. The entire MATHIEU team has committed to respect this ethical charter.


Ethics, respect of each other and moral code are part of our team spirit and the work relation we keep with our partners.


As the only french manufacturer of sweeping solutions with a international distribution channel, MATHIEU reached excellence thanks to professionalism and expertise that results in solutions perfectly adapted to every of your cleaning needs.


Our team of technicians and advisers is available to help you find the most adapted solution to your issues.

Being close and attentive to our customers enable us to remain an innovative company “on a human scale”.


Our strategy relies on a process of continuous innovation and development of sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s urban cleansing, environment and society.


Our company is committed in a volunteer knowledge transmission policy. Volunteer because we think it is our responsibility as a team to share our experiences and skills with our partners; products’ users and to young workers to teach them during their scholarship.

The human in the center of our concerns

Materials for men working for mankind. We have placed the human care in the center of our values. Indeed we are designing ergonomic and comfortable driving positions for operators, but we are also looking to develop cleaner and quieter solutions for citizens’ tranquility.



If you wish to read our Quality & Environmental policies, please feel free to contact us.