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Parts storage
• Security: Mathieu spare parts are regularly submitted to a complete range of testing to control conformity, reliability and resistance of the sweeping machines.

• Quality: Engineers and purchasers of Mathieu ensure the choice of the supplied components and the strict respect of the specifications and the manufacturing process to constantly improve the quality of the service offered.

• Reliability: search for the best subcontractors for the supply of parts with the optimal quality, at the forefront of innovation and guaranteeing a premium performance level.

• Reactiveness: Thanks to a permanent stock of more than 10 000 references and adapted delivery options (Express delivery 24h, delivery on Saturday ...), we assure you the fastest service.

• Performance: Each part works in conjunction with others to ensure optimal performance. Choosing a lower-quality part may compromise your equipment's performance and original performance.


Nathalie Vosgien

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