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FAYAT takes care of the environment and protecting the population

FAYAT takes care of the environment and protecting the population

Many areas of our cities are constant sources of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to humans. Bars, terraces and outdoor restaurants deposit traces of sugars and grease that help the spread of bacteria.

Our MC210 Aquazura scrubber drier has 5 abrasive disc brushes capable of removing any type of dirt embedded in the floor and preventing possible diseases. In addition, thanks to its effective drying system, we guarantee that no pedestrian can suffer from slipping falls.

On the other hand, dirty water is stored inside the machine, preventing dirt from contaminating other areas. With a working cycle of more than 2 hours, and a 1000 liter of fresh water available, the AQUAZURA is also equipped with a high pressure water system which will allow the operator’s to target highly contaminated / polluted areas.

Perfect solution

Our MC210 Aquazura is the perfect solution for other confluent areas such as pedestrian areas, bus stops, garbage and waste areas, entrances shopping centers, schools, parking lots, etc. . .

Thanks to the different types of detergents, you will always have the best cleaning solution for your cities, taking care of the environment and protecting the population.

With a high transit speed, the MC210 Aquazura will be able to provide services in different areas on the same day, saving time, costs and offering more service to citizens. 

Ask you local dealer for more information and how this machine could help your city to reach a new level of sanitation.

The AQUAZURA in action

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