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Our History

Our History

  • 1923

    Creation of the company MATHIEU

    Founded by Raymond MATHIEU in Toul (France, 54), specialised in development of cleansing materials (road sweepers).
  • 1928

    Introduction of a new sweepers range

    Creation of a new range of sweepers destined to the cleaning of industrial sites.
  • 1950

    Launch of the MISTRAL

    Commercialisation of one of the very first street sweepers.
  • 1979

    First "compact" sweeper

    Launch of the first "compact" sweeper specialised in urban cleansing.
  • 1985

    Acquisition of the sweeper's company

    The company, producing sweepers, is taken over by Guy GILLIET. He then introduced the function of Design in the products' development process , which is a major step forward on the sweeping market.
  • 1992

    MATHIEU wins the award Décibel d'Or

    MATHIEU received the "Décibel d'Or, rewarding the company's innovations in the field of cab soundproofing of its road sweepers.
  • 1993

    Acquisition of the company YNO

    MATHIEU SOFRALOR S.A. acquiered 100 % of the shares of the company YNO based in Velaine en Haye (France, 54), specialised in the production of machines for cut grass collection.
  • 1994

    Launch of AZURA, the "Extra Compact" street sweeper

    With the launch of this compact sweeper built for use in city centers and confined streets (such as old city center), MATHIEU intended to specialise in the segment of urban cleansing.
  • 1996

    Internationalisation of AZURA

    First international sales of the AZURA (compact road sweeper), especially in the United Kingdom.
  • 1998


    The sweepers' company changes its name.
  • 1999

    Acquisition of MATHIEU YNO S.A. by FAYAT Group, No.1 independent industrial group in France

    The sweepers' company integrates the Fayat Group.
  • 2000

    Modernisation of the sweeper production line

    Modification to enable an increase of the annual production capacity to 500 sweepers.
  • 2004

    Launch of the first Eco Washer AQUAZURA

    The first sweeper combining washing, scrubbing and including a water recycling system.
  • 2005

    Official Presentation of the new AZURA sweepers range : Grand Azura & Azura Concept

    Official presentation of the new AZURA sweepers range : Grand Azura & Azura Concept
    New range of compact road sweepers.
  • 2005

    MATHIEU took part in the first ENVIROPILOTE contest

    This contest was created to promote the profession of operator and the daily benefits of street cleanliness for environment.
  • 2005

    Creation of the Export Sales Service and warehouse enhanced

    The sweepers company changes some of its services.
  • 2010

    Hoppers of the MC 200 sweepers range are now built in series in stainless steel

    The AZURA MC 210 compact sweepers are now made by stainless steel.
  • 2010

    Fusion of the companies MATHIEU and 3D from FAYAT Group

    Fusion of the two companies from FAYAT Group for the distribution of MATHIEU, RAVO and SCARAB sweepers on the french market.
  • 2015

    Launch of the new MC 210 compact sweepers platform

    Disclosure of the new MC 210 platform of sweepers which are even more compact than the olders ones.
  • 2017

    New extra-compacte sweeper MC 110 launch

    Launch of the new MC 110 Sub-compact sweeper modern & agile
  • 2018

    208 MC 210 in Paris

    208 machines are working in Paris